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The Jewish Daughter

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Polina, Molotov’s Jewish Wife

Robert Liebman

Polina-MolotovaHitler needed it, to pave the way for his powerful Wehrmacht to attack Poland. Stalin needed it, to buy time to bulk up his Red Army.* On 23 August 1939, their foreign secretaries delivered it: the non-aggression Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact.

Bitter enemies—Communist Soviet Union and Fascist Germany—instantly became allies.

A week later, on 1 September, Germany invaded Poland. The Second World War in Europe had begun.

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Kosher Nobels, Literary Division

[20 January 2024: This post is still being tinkered with.]

[27 January 2024: The tinkering is just about done.]

Nobel Prizes for Literature: Explosive

Robert Liebman

Nobel PrizeIn literature as in the sciences, a disproportionately high number of prizes have gone to Jews.

This particular collection is a bit meshuganah.
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Photographers and World War II

Shot by a Jew

By Robert Liebman

A gaggle of American GI’s (Government Issue = soldier) raise the Stars and Stripes on a bomb-damaged hilltop.

A sailor and a nurse enjoy a passionate kiss in Times Square.

General Douglas MacArthur returns, knee-deep, to the Philippines.

The truly iconic photographs from the Second World War are instantly familiar. We can picture them from a brief description alone; we do not actually need to see them. Continue reading

Broadway: Birth, Bar Mitzvah and Beyond

[20 January 2024: This post is still being tinkered with.]

By Robert Liebman

The movie industry was launched a little over a hundred years ago by entrepreneurs who are household names today, such as Szmuel Gelbfisz, Karl Laemmle and Adolf Zukory.

Gelbfisz? Laemmle? Zukory? Household names? In whose house?

Szmuel Gelbfisz became Samuel Goldwyn, and MGM became MGM. Zukory dropped his Novelty Fur Company and the last letter of his surname to oversee, as Adolph Zukor, Paramount Pictures. Continue reading