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Gaffe Collection: Gumbo (A U.S.A. Miscellany)

Pit Bull

What is the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull? 

Sarah Palin’s single-word answer to her own question—“lipstick”—propelled her from relatively obscure Alaska governor to political superstar. A superstar that fizzled out fast.

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The Gaffe Collection: Ron Akin

The Gaffe Collection: Ron Akin

by Robert Liebman, 2012

Mister Potato(e) Head

When a schoolboy correctly spelled “potato,” George H. W. Bush’s Vice Presidential running mate Dan Quayle intervened, saying that “potato” should end with an e.

Quayle misspelled.

Todd Akin

Todd Akin

Missouri congressman Todd Akin said that rape victims could biologically fend off pregnancy.

Akin “misspoke.”

Running for a Senate seat in Missouri, Akin said what he meant and believed about abortion, but he ended up on the canvas. He knocked himself out. Continue reading